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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bobby Timony does Detective Jenkins!

Bobby Timony, superstar artist of Zuda comics' Night Owls Did this sketch of Detective Jenkins. Don't you love it! I know I do! Head on over to the Twincomics blog to see some of the Night Owls characters done by Steve Ellis of High Moon and Kevin Colden of Strangle/Switch. With any luck, maybe we can get some more Zuda creators to swap characters.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby!! Your Det. Jenkins is AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! I love it!
Can you finish the pages of P4D? ahahahah

Thnx a lot!!

David Gallaher said...

That's really slick!

Bobby Timony said...

P4D would look mighty strange, as drawn by me. It'd be... too clean. I'd miss all the blood splatter. It'd be like someone wiped the comic with a squeegee.