"The horror series, from the deliciously twisted minds of Nick Doan and Daniele Serra, is sure to invoke plenty of 'oohs' and 'ughs' from its readers. Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, eat your hearts out – you’ve got new cellmates in the crazy bin." - Josh Wigler, WizardUniverse.com

Friday, August 1, 2008

San Diego Photos and Links!

San Diego! What a ride! I had a wonderful time with Dani! He was my internet friend before coming to America and now he is like family.

If you've ever been to SDCC then you know it's a madhouse. There's lots to do and we did lots! We signed Zuda sampler comics at the DC booth everyday while the Watchman trailer played on the TV's above. I still have the smashing Pumpkins song stuck in my head. We had dinner with the Zuda crew while many spirits were imbibed. We did some interviews. We sat on the Zuda panel. We saw lots of friends. We had a discussion with Marv Wolfman about how much better the convention would be if it were in Hawaii. And most importantly, we were polled on our cookie preferences by Bill Willingham.

Some of the friends I saw are: Daniele Serra! Bobby Timony, Peter Timony, Danna Bremer, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jeremy Love, Shanda (Jeremy's Love), Tony Trovarello, Johnny Zito, Sterling Gates, Ron Perazza, Kwanza Johnson, Richard Bruning, Jeff Carlisle, Josh Williamson, Brian Stempien, Kroze Kresky, Jimmy Palmiotti Chachi Hernandez and more!

Some of the great people I met are: Ben Templesmith, Ashley Wood, Canaan Grall, Sheldon Vella, Joss Whedon, Marv Wolfman, Bill Willingham, Cecil Castellucci, Vinnie (I forget your last name, but you do great art on Dear Dracula), Jamal Igle, Chris Ryall, Jim Valentino, Lindsley & Alvie (AKA Power Girl & Lex Luthor) and above all else, Daniele Serra!

Here are some great links for those of you that missed it:

Photos from the panel at DCcomics.com: http://dccomics.com/slideshows/sdcc08_sunday_panels/

In the next post, (coming in like 2 minutes) the pictures!

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